Founder’s Message:

I, like many of you, was only semi happy with my body but not completely satisfied, as many of us aren’t ever completely satisfied with ourselves. For argument’s sake, lets just blame societal brainwashing standards.

Seemingly, everything has become big, bigger, biggest in terms of body parts. We can thank the Kardashians, Beyoncé, JLo, Nicki Minaj, and countless other celebrities, reality stars, and other media vixens that effortlessly dawn bigger than normal body parts with amazing silhouettes. It was never a surprise to see celebrities with cosmetically perfect bodies, whether surgically enhanced or just plain naturally stacked. Fast forward to present day 2020 and now our next door neighbors, teachers, nurses, lawyers, and everyone’s momma has a body that is questionably enhanced.

As women, we all want natural curves. That is a given. We all want a bigger butt. We want our butt rounder, bigger, and more noticeable. We want wider hips! We want a flat tummy! We want it all, don’t we?

What we don’t want is to go to a cosmetic surgeon, pay thousands of dollars, go dangerously under the knife in a deep coma-like state, and recover, only to realize your body parts are noticeably FAKE-LOOKING! It’s definitely a worst nightmare for some who have experienced it or most who are debating it. I should know because I was a big debater of this subject as well. The big question for me was…”Do I really want to waste $6,000+ on surgery that has an 80% chance of turning out looking artificially enhanced and an even higher percentage of high risk concerns?”

The answer for me as NO and it should be for you too…For many reasons, but the most important is you should never be ashamed enough of the body you’re in to want to alter it to an unrealistic expectation. Why not take what you have, embrace it, and NATURALLY enhance what you already have?

That’s when I jumped at the opportunity to work with Board Certified physicians, Dermatologists, and FDA approved Labs to formulate a product that can naturally plump and increase the volume of the buttocks, hips, and thighs without harmful side effects.

After 2 years of formulation, trial and error, and clinical trials, we successfully launched Bootii Bottle, our #1 selling product for natural buttocks enhancement!

Since 2014, we have sold nearly 1 million Bootii Bottle Enhancers, proving the hard work and dedication that went into developing the special formula was well worth it!

Our clients love our customer service, fast growing product line, fun social media contests, and our affordable prices!