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Real Client Testimonials

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Before & After Photos

Submission Guidelines

***Clients we sincerely appreciate your before/after submissions but please keep in mind we do not post nudity to the site. If you are submitting the photo wearing undergarments they must be brief-style or boy-shorts.

No G-string or thong styles are permitted and absolutely no nudity!



To submit a testimony/photos, email for more info on submissions


"I was skeptical at first but I purchased it on sale a few weeks ago so the price was reasonable and I am very pleased with it. My boyfriend was the first to notice!"

~Melody, 26, Miami, FL

"I use this product everyday and I cannot thank you guys enough for it. I am very impressed with my results even though they were very slow to start."

~Shantreeka, 23, Baltimore, MD

 "The smell is great. I have tried a lot of products but this one I don't mind applying daily because it isn't watery or oily."

~Stephanie, 25, Washington, DC

"Absolutely love it :-) I am on my second bottle!"

~Shantrice, 30, Charlotte, NC

 "It tingled a little the first few times but after that it was okay. I also love the smell of it. Leaves a residue if you use too much but it's not oily. Good product.

~Jessica, 22, West Palm, FL


 "I am truly addicted!"

~Denise, 25, Miami, FL

 "Ok so...I have to say that I didn't think it would work but apparently I grew an inch and a half in only a few weeks which is crazy!"

~Brianna, 23, Richmond, VA

"I love this stuff & it's very affordable! 

~Cynthia, 32, Sacramento, CA


"I really love that the customer service is very timely with any questions I had about the product."

~Somaya, 28, Los Angeles, CA

"I got it because I wanted to see if it would kinda fill in my butt dimples and I have noticed they don't seem as deep now. I have been using it on and off for a month or so now."

~Heather, 35, Sacramento, CA

 "There is really nothing bad about this product. I felt it working within the first few days. I'm very happy with it."

~Teshawnna, 30, Laurel, MD


"I really wasn't sure this product would work but what I can tell you is that I threw my butt pads and butt lifter garments out! I just wish I had this years ago! Too good to be true!"

~Miriam, 24, Atlanta, GA

"Great smell but you have to be consistent when you apply it. "

~Natosha, 34, Savannah, GA

"I am a cross dresser who performs live and I have tried everything out there but this really does plump your butt! It's nice knowing its' all you and not a pad! I just ordered more! 

~Jade, 29, Manhattan, NY

"I have to admit I was EXTREMELY skeptical about trying this product. Let me just say...I HAVE TRIED THEM ALL & I seriously do not start my day without them!"

~Tiffani, 31, Camden, NJ

"I found your page on Instagram and noticed you guys always have a good sale so one night I finally decided to order the Bootii Bottle and I used it as directed the first few weeks. Nothing really happened. When I reached my 6th week or so, I noticed my leggings fit very different. I ran to the mirror to check out my figure and my butt gained a little cuff at the bottom! I am so excited. I will be ordering again!!! Customer for life!!!

~Aniyah, 30, Washington, DC

"I have literally tried every product out there in my journey for a bigger butt. Nothing has given me results like your products!"

~Sheleesa, 25, Ocala, FL

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